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50s dresses have a character completely unique to their era. In the 1950s, dresses came in a number of different shapes and varieties, with the halter neck being popular. If you want to buy your own you will truly be buying a piece of history. However, like any historic item, there is a learning curve when it comes to understanding what you should look for, and what to look for in the fit of the item.

Women's Vintage Sleeveless Halter Neck Backless Sexy Strap Cotton Dress  Audrey Hepburn Style 1950S Dresses|Dresses| - AliExpress

Understanding Your Measurements

When buying in a vintage store you will able to try on any 50s dresses to ensure they fit before you buy. However, when buying a 50s vintage dress from the internet, you’ll need to understand what your measurements are beforehand retro swimwear.

One of the easiest ways to discover your measurements is to find a dress that you already have that fits well. Measure the bust and the waist, which is a good point of comparison. Use measurements rather than size tags, as size tags from the 1950s and other eras do not directly translate to the sizes we use today.

Unfortunately, many items of vintage clothing will need to be changed a little to get them to fit properly. However, this will be well worth it for the value you’ll get out of your new piece of clothing. If the item doesn’t fit quite right at first, try wearing different undergarments. Many women in the 1950s would have worn a slip underneath a 50s vintage dress, which can make a huge difference to the way in which it hangs.

Shopping for a Plus Size Vintage 50s Dress

If you’re looking for 50s dresses in larger sizes then you may find you have some trouble at first. However, with a little patience you should be able to find something that fits, and it’s important to get a good fitting slip to go under your dress. If you’re really finding it difficult to find the kind of dress you really want then you can look towards other eras that take inspiration from the 50s vintage dress.

The good news is that the internet now means that there are more options than ever before when it comes to shopping for 50s dresses. Just make sure you have your measurements at hand, and be willing to make a few minor adjustments if it means that you’ll be getting your hands on a beautiful vintage dress!

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