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Miami luxury homes are among the finest real estate options that anyone can purchase within the United States today. The fact that these homes are specifically designed to live up to the high-end expectations of the rich and famous makes them such a superb real estate options for wealthy property buyers within the United States.

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While there are many different luxury real estate options located across the country, it has been proven that Miami luxury homes provide people with a luxury that is unique due to the amazing tropical setting that is offered along the Atlantic coast of the South Florida region. Furthermore, the fact that these real estate options provide people with utmost exclusivity and privacy makes them such a prime preference for people whose luxury needs go beyond average standards.

Today, we are going to provide basic information regarding two of the most exclusive communities within the region that provide the most amazing selection of Miami luxury homes. If you are looking for the best of the best, you will definitely want to consider options in these exclusive island communities Miami Luxury Homes.

Fisher Island

The upscale neighborhood is located on a barrier island which is commonly known as Fisher Island. It is situated three miles off the shore of the mainland and remains to be accessible only via ferry, private boat, or helicopter since there are no existing roads to connect the community to the rest of Miami.

Residents of the island are given the finest amenities and features that one can expect from an upscale neighborhood which include its very own championship golf course, two deep water marinas, an exclusive clubhouse, and a selection of the most opulent Miami luxury homes that are situated within a setting that features amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean, Biscayne Bay, and the island’s breath-taking horizon.

Golden Beach

People who are looking for a small town setting within the region will find the town of Golden Beach to be the perfect community. Located in the northeastern section of the Miami region, it offers astounding views of the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway since it is located between the two bodies of water.

Despite the relatively small size of the community, it remains to be one of the most prestigious communities in the region because of its exclusivity and high quality of living which have been proven to live up to the standards of wealthy individuals like Ricky Martin, Paul Newman, and even Bill Gates. Furthermore, the fact that Golden Beach restricts the development of high-rise infrastructures ensures that residents are always granted the most exceptional ocean views possible.

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