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Smart phone cards are fast becoming the preferred option for callers, both local and international with one of the biggest benefits being the no pin dialing feature.

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When I first used an international prepaid phone card, one of the biggest hassles was having to dial a pin number before actually making a call. While this wasn’t a negative by any stretch of the imagination, it became a real chore every time I went to make a call Realme X7 Max 5G.

My circumstances at the time dictated I make daily calls to my fiancee, who lived 16,000 miles away in the United States. The phone card was a benefit in maintaining a long distance relationship but living in the age of technology, there had to be a more efficient way. And there was.

Smart Phone Cards

Many companies are now offering the smart phone card feature as they continue to evolve and look for better and faster ways to make long distance calling not just affordable, but more efficient.

Pin free dialling is a bonus for regular phone card users. There’s no need to enter a pin number again! The system works via a recognition service and when a user registers, he or she also registers one or more phone numbers which is recognized by the system every time the user makes a call. It’s that easy. The fact a person can register more than one number means they don’t have to be restricted to making calls from the home phone to take advantage of the system.

Finding The Best Phone Card Service

Today, it’s no longer a requirement to venture into a shop and register to use a phone card. The industry has moved to user friendly web services and many people are taking advantage of this. However, the industry developed somewhat of a bad reputation several years ago and while it’s done a great job to clean up it’s act in recent years, there are still a few things you should be looking for when signing up for a service.

Here’s a shortlist of benefits you should look for when signing up for a smart phone card:

– Avoid hidden fees. You don’t want to be paying any extra fees at all after the initial payment. This includes connection and maintenance fees and be careful you are not monthly fee plan!

– You want a service with not just good customer service but one which provides excellent service. Ask yourself can you contact the company either by phone or email, preferably both.

– When joining online, you will no doubt have to go through some security procedures to open up an account; if you don’t, then move on to one which allows you to protect your account information. You will be able to access your account for various reasons including topping up your credits.

– I like this feature. Being able to obtain or view copies of your call records. This is particularly useful for business people who can then verify the calls they make for tax purposes.

The bottomlime when signing up online for a smart phone card is making sure your account is secure and customer service is accessible, even 24/7. If not, then look for a service which fulfils these needs, even if it costs a little extra!

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