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Both towing methods are used for different purposes and at different times. Towing isn’t something to be taken lightly.  Even if it’s a light-duty towing, it shouldn’t be taken lightly because a little misbalance can do the work.

Things to do Before You Have Your Vehicle Towed - Grider Marketing

There are a few significant differences between these two types that as when they should be used, what things should be considered when doing these, and other more things.

Here are some things you should know about heavy duty and light duty towing;

Light duty and medium duty towing is something that is considered as the standard towing services. They are both used at different times and for different vehicles. Light duty towing is something that starts with vehicles that weigh about 7000 lbs and medium towing starts from vehicles that weigh about 10000-14000 lbs. They are usually used to assist people to get their vehicles to the side of the road. It’s to prevent car accidents, etc.

Lighter trucks are also easy to drive compared to heavier trucks. They are much easier to handle when it comes to driving with a towed vehicle on the back.

Heavy-duty towing is usually needed to move big trucks and RVs. These vehicles weigh around 17000 lbs and that is exactly why you’re wondering why heavy-duty towing is used for these types of vehicles. Heavier trucks are much harder to drive as more load means that it will be much harder to handle the vehicle. Normal drivers cannot do this job. Experienced professionals are needed for heavy-duty towing. A high-level skillset of driving is needed for these types of towing jobs. Heavy duty towing only keeps highly trained and professional drivers for this.

Companies also make the mistake of using the wrong truck for towing a vehicle which might end up costing them a lot. If you hire a heavy truck to tow small cars, it will end up taking more time to move the car than it would if a smelled truck did this job. Using the wrong truck can unnecessarily cost you more. And if you send a light-duty truck to tow a big van, you won’t be able to safely load the truck and will probably damage your tow truck in this process. So, it’s important to know which truck to use when

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