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Solar heating panels are collectors of rays from the sun to be converted into heat for different uses. These panels do not generate electricity. These collectors absorb natural light from the best source of light and heat of our planet which then is processed and turned to create higher temperature for our advantage. These days, electricity, petroleum or fossil fuel, and other sources of energy that generate heat are expensive.

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People may realize the advantages of some that prefer to harness energy from the sun, the wind, the water and even heat from underground. Some think that the process of extracting energy from the sun would only concern our environment but the sum of it all are these sources of energy can keep our money in our pockets for many other expenses for our personal benefit. For household use, the best alternative for energy saving is the installation of solar panels. On top of it, the heat or temperature can be regulated and there is an appropriate kind of panel for every requirement to be catered medium radiator cover .

The collectors or panels that absorb energy from the sun to generated heat are classified in three. These classifications are low temperature collectors, medium temperature collectors, and high temperature collectors. For low temperature collectors, these are applicable for heating water of swimming pools, and for agricultural use such drying crops. These collectors or panels are installed to generate heat for the purpose that water temperature would be slightly higher than cold temperature.

As for the medium temperature collectors or panels, these are intended for heating potable water for coffee as an example, the kind of temperature we like when we take a hot shower or the hot water in our bath tubs, and of course heating spaces of our houses. Even some industrial heating purposes can also be served with a medium temperature.

The high temperature collectors or panels require some slightly complicated accessories compared to the other two classifications. High temperature collectors are used with a set of gadgets to produce very high temperature. This kind of panel is capable of generating heat that can literally boil water and create steam. This type of collector goes with a sun tracker too that focuses or follows where the sun’s radiation can be utilized most. Therefore the area covered by the temperature generated is much wider or bigger. The size of the house must be large to be requiring this much of heat for its space to be accommodated.

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