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Hollywood, like most industries has positively evolved in multiple ways over the last few decades. With the introduction of new techniques, gadgets and apparatus, the process of film-making has not only become more hi-tech but also much more creative, varied and experimental.

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Movies are fresher, bolder, intense and certainly more realistic than they were previously. Owing to the new genres that have come into being due to the inventive minds of film-makers across the world, Hollywood movies are no longer restricted to classic romantic tales, musicals or murder mysteries that they once were. Best rom com anime

While films like Grease, Sound of music and the Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin series are timeless classics and are still a pleasure to watch, the industry in the last few years, has produced and released a variety of new age pictures that have been far from the conventional, yet very well accepted.

This article sheds some light on the new genres of Hollywood movies that have come into play in the last few years, citing examples of blockbusters in each, thus highlighting the success story of every reinvented or original category.

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