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If you are not satisfied with the shape of your nose, there is nothing you can do about it except to go for a nose job or rhinoplasty. You cannot hide it behind layers of makeup or clothes. The sheer frustration of it all can leave you depressed and low on self esteem. But get in touch with a top rhinoplasty surgeon and any issue can be taken care of F95zone.Hill Climb Racing 2 - Apps on Google Play

What are the types of rhinoplasty procedures? The first is the cosmetic part which is the most common of all and entails enhancing the looks. It is usually correcting a bump or depression on the bridge, an odd angle with the upper lip, a too narrow or bulbous tip or even structural defects that may be congenital and impairs breathing. The second is reconstructive rhinoplasty where a nose damaged in an accident or badly burnt is reconstructed fully thereby restoring form and functionality. It is a very complex and intricate procedure and only a top rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to pull it off successfully. Then there is revision rhinoplasty which is no less complicated. If you are not satisfied with a nose job, you can have it revised to your liking but it requires a lot of work as the tissues and cartilage have been modified once. Naturally, it’s very expensive.

Once you have decided to go through the procedure, what are the attributes to look for in a top rhinoplasty surgeon? First is certification from one of the top cosmetic and plastic surgery boards in the country. He should also have majored from a reputed medical school and should have years of experience in the relevant field as a specialist. This means that he should be carrying out more rhinoplasty surgeries in a year than any other type. Another vital thing is evaluating his sense of aesthetic beauty. Remember, only then will he be able to meet your goals and objectives of having a natural looking symmetrical nose. Ask for before and after photographs of previous patients and you can judge this point at once.

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