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Custom envelopes are usually an afterthought, if anything, when considering business correspondence for your clients. Either you’re not thinking about envelopes (opting instead for whatever’s easiest or on-hand) or you’re not imagining what kind of potential they could carry. Chances are your customers will make your mail an afterthought too if you don’t put in the time and creativity to stand out amongst the heaps of junk mail already piled high on their desks. Here are a few tips on how to keep their eyes locked on yours.

Custom Envelopes With Intriguing Copy

Think about the taglines for commercials that simply stick in your brain while you’re at work all day. The same could work for your envelopes with a timely line or two of original copy. Perhaps you can get people to think outside the box or beckon them with a call to action of sorts to get them to dig into your envelopes. Messing with people’s predisposition for sifting through mail is the quickest way for envelopes to work for you. Try coming up with off-kilter humor, thoughtful slogans or even turning a cliché on its head custom printed mailer boxes near me.

Custom Envelopes With Dazzling Colors And Images

You’ll hear this time and time again, but in order to brand yourself properly, full color usage just has to be front and center when it comes to your custom envelopes. When somebody says McDonalds, Minnesota Vikings or Facebook, you can instantly envision their respective color schemes. The same could hold true for your envelopes – try a color or combination thereof that is a bit out of the norm, enough to prevent your customer’s brains from firing past your piece. Deep colors, bold and bright ones and different patterns and shapes can all attribute to good custom envelopes.

Custom Envelopes – Go Big Or Go Home

It might sound a bit silly, but the bigger the envelopes, the better chance your customers will open them. Experiment with your mailers to see if the contents inside could match various styles of custom envelopes. Put together a bigger sample kit or multifaceted reports. If a white commercial envelope and a large puffy envelope with crazy fasteners on the back were staring you in the face, which would you want to tear in to first? Make the most out of your correspondence by reaching out to left field (if only a bit) once in awhile. You might find a pleasant increase in response rate.

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