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As we live in a world where there so much uncertainty stress is prevalent all around us, from the erratic weather patterns and worldwide turmoil, to the financial stressors from our current economy and those that we live with every day at work, home, school or athletic events. Over time stress affects us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 분당스웨디시

Studies on stress have shown that over a period of time stress can weaken the immune system, therefore being a contributor to many illnesses, such as heart disease, blood pressure and stroke, obesity, diabetes, depression and sexual dysfunction. It affects our eating habits, our sleeping habits therefore making us tired, irritable and discontent. Q-Link SRT products provide the body with a range of energetic frequencies that help support and optimize its own energies – thereby, helping the individual achieve higher states of well-being and performance in many ways.

Research shows that electromagnetic fields could cause stress, which is related to physical, mental and emotional problems. Electromagnetic fields come from things like cell phones, computers, televisions, power lines, cell phone towers and antennas. Today’s vehicles also produce electromagnetic fields. We are literally surrounded by electromagnetic fields every day. People and animals have their own natural electromagnetic fields. Unnatural electromagnetic fields from the electronics that surround us cause chaotic frequencies to the natural frequencies in our bodies.

There are many ways in which we can help alleviate stress, medically, naturally and scientifically. The options are limitless. One can medicate or meditate. There’s acupuncture, massage, stress-management and many other options. There is also a scientific method called Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT).

For most of my life, I have had stress issues. I have incorporated methods such as meditation, hypnosis, massage and cranial sacral work. Even though all have been very been helpful, I feel like I receive the most benefit from the Q-Link pendant. After wearing the Q-Link, meditation and massage are much more therapeutic, as I am able to be still and relax. The financial freedom from buying extra vitamins and herbs and making additional appointments is also very pleasing to me, saving me time and money.

Others that I know who wear Q-Link pendants have experienced many benefits from less stress, an overall senses of well-being, more focus at work or on projects,better focus and performance for athletics, to more focus and stamina in driving long distances in one day. I like to share this information with others, because there are so many benefits and I guess it’s my way of trying to help others.

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