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How to select an essay writing service Procrastination is a common way to procrastinate when writing essays is not your forte. Procrastinate. Procrastinate. Now you’re staring down at a rapidly approaching deadline. This is your second reason to not write your paper. There are many services that can help you out of this dire predicament. But there’s a problem. Some of them don’t deliver quality work. Some aren’t trustworthy. The stakes are high best essay writing service reviews,  it’s a gross understatement. Failing a module could be as simple as choosing the wrong service. You could end up failing the whole course. Let’s look at how we can spot the scammers and find the best essay writing service. 1. Where is the company located in? It is crucial that the company you choose be located in the same country as yourself. Here’s why: Companies based

abroad have difficulties providing context for essays and assignments. Because you are in the same time zone, communication between you is easier than if your areat is. It is important to verify that a company is actually based here. Many companies with offices in India and Pakistan try hard to present the illusion that they are located here. It is important to find out where they actually are. 2) What value do they bring? Notice that I did not ask what the price point was. It’s tempting to choose a cheap service. You’ve probably heard the old adage, “You get what you pay.” This applies especially to essay writing services. Many companies provide low-cost services at a price that is affordable (pun intended). Writers from developing countries like India, Bangladesh and Nigeria are paid low wages. A problem is that when a non English-speaking writer creates a paper it basically shouts “I DIDNaT write THIS” to a professor who is grading that paper. 3) Can they be reached easily? Many of these “fly-by-night” services only

communicate with clients via email. It is well-known that a conversation that lasts 10 minutes over the phone can easily take up to a week via email. It is nice that they have other communication methods. An option to call them is a phone number. Answers are usually immediate. It is also possible to communicate with them via Whatsapp. This is an online phone service. The local number that you can reach is what you’re looking for. A local address is also something I love. It serves two purposes. It is proof that the company’s Singapore headquarters are shown (see item 1). It also allows me to walk into their office and speak to someone, should I need it. 4) The quality and standard of their past work. This is a huge one! This is a big one! Reliability and high-quality custom essay products are two of the key characteristics that distinguish top essay writing companies. This applies to essay writers as well. It is

impossible for a top essay service to feature writers who lack academic and professional qualifications. You can see what they have done in past years. You can also ask for references, but it is better to get one from someone with the same background as you. It is a sign of serious trouble if they are unwilling to provide a reference. Don’t panic. It is easy to find a professional essay writer. Finding one that does a quality job is the problem. You often get what you pay for when it comes to essay writing. This means that if you pay very low, you will often get very little. It is possible to see past work and determine if a low price is really worth it. 5) How great is their customer care? The first impression is the most important.

Is it possible that your first interaction with the company leaves you feeling uneasy? This is because poor customer service often shows up very early on. Do they treat your work as important? It is not. This will cause the research to be concise and analysis to be more in-depth. Make sure you are satisfied with the service you receive from the company. 6) Can they provide a copy of their plagiarism report or quality checklist to you? They may not provide a plagiarism report. Because most of the paper you have written is likely plagiarized. Your instructor may discover that your paper has been published elsewhere. You don’t need to pay someone else to plagiarize other works. You can do this yourself, and you won’t get in

any trouble. Quality checklists are equally important. It is rare for services to do this, so it is important to have one. It’s a simple list that allows a writer to review various quality control procedures as they are being completed. You will see items like the following: Was the question correctly answered? Is it within 5% of the requested word count? Is the paper properly formatted? Is there an end? Etc. It is a way to provide a client with a better product. 7) How long has the company been around? Is it a one-off

operation, or have they proven that they can sustain their doors for longer than a month? Many students pay for papers to be written. Then, when they ask for changes, the company folds. Or worse, the company may fold after they have paid them. Find out how long it has been in operation. You should look elsewhere if the service has been around for less than a year. Making the decision (Warning: Shameless advertising ahead) Now that you have an idea of what to look for, it’s time find an essay service that can handle the job properly and not just get it done.

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