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Australia is one of the countries whose people have been engrossed to games of chance like poker and roulette, and it is not surprising that the Australian government began making more stringent policies against such activities, taking into account the number of people getting hooked to gambling. The social and economic issues in the country have been partly blamed to these games which the media has portrayed as addictive and non-prolific, and they have included in their list games like roulette. In a short time after all the controversies fired up by media, disapproval of noted gambling games was in effect after public promotions and ads for betting sites were given much attention.The year 2020 marked a tremendous increase in online casino players -  Oyeyeah

Although it is not necessarily taught or mandated, promoters of casino games and all the kinds of games of chance done online or at brick and mortar venues never implied that these are suitable for adults with a strong tendency to gambling addiction situs asikbandarqq
. The negative reactions surfaced after a recent peak of the casino gambling population that reached an 80% high coupled with a conjecture that such activities may have blatant effects on kids. It so happens that many people who are already engrossed in poker were already having an unresolved addiction. According to James Packer (son of the late Kerry packer, a media mogul) gambling and online casinos are wrongly considered by the media, hastily regarded as a bad influence.

Nevertheless, regardless of the efforts of the government to eradicate gambling, it is still hard to do away with poker sites in Australia because these, along with any other casino game, draw much revenue to the government. It is incontrovertible that gaming sites are not only proliferating in the land down under but they are also hauling more revenue than any other industry in the country.

With the application of the state of the art gaming technology utilized by casinos, they have become more capable of having more players on their sites, and more players mean increase in income and increase in their taxes, making them soar to become an important industrial or commercial sector of the nation.

For operators of online casinos around the world, the issue of allowing customers and taking bets from the United States has always been a difficult issues. While there has been some liberalization of gambling laws in America since the 1960s and up through today, the federal government still holds the position that all online gambling is illegal and operators of casinos that take bets from Americans online are at risk of being shut down. One illustrative example is that of BetonSports, a Costa Rican company that was shut down by the feds in 2006.

BetonSports was so successful that it was able to float a $100 million IPO (Initial Public Offering) and get listed on the UK’s London Stock Exchange. The company was licensed by Costa Rica and had plans to expand its operations further into Central and South American countries. Unfortunately, the company also took bets from the US and its CEO David Carruthers was a public advocate for further liberalization of gambling laws in the US and worldwide, especially for online games.

The American government was quick to take action against the company and its directors with an indictment against the both the founder and the CEO. The indictment included charges of money laundering and tax evasion, which put both of them at risk of being extradited to the US. While online gambling and taking bets from Americans may not be illegal in some countries and would not lead to extradition, money laundering is always illegal, so this put the founder and CEO at greater risk.

CEO Carruthers was arrested in Dallas while waiting to change planes and the company was issued a restraining order against the company which prohibited it from taking bets from Americans. In addition, press releases were sent out that implied connections between BetonSports and the mafia, making the story even more sensational that it already was. The negative publicity helped to bring the company down, leading to layoffs of most of its staff.

The company stopped its operations in 2006 with the arrest of the CEO, and the case had been pending for trial for several years. The government has used the case to show that it has the laws and lawyers already to take on internet gambling, especially sports betting. Finally in early 2010, Carruthers was sentenced to 33 months in jail after pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy and racketeering. A news story by Reuters in January claimed that he was the first of the defendants to plead guilty and would be willing to testify against other co-defendants.

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