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If you’re wondering what does ofc usually mean in text message language, let me inform you that the correct answer to it’s pretty easy. Basically, the text messaging OFC in the visual text language is essentially the shortened form of the term “OF course”. I’m not entirely sure where this term came from or why it became so popular but the fact is that it has. This short text meant the exact same thing back in the day as the text shorthand DO NOT. Of course, “of course” did NOT have the capitalization that it has now. However, the meaning behind both of these abbreviations was that it was a command that should not be obeyed, in other words, do not ask if you agree, think before you shoot, etc.


The same thing can be said for the other types of text messaging slang: the acronym DOTFA (which stands for Do Not Imply Agreement), which pretty much describes the texting trend of telling someone to keep their cool; and of course the most famous acronym ABCDE (which stands for Always Be Dating), which pretty much refers to the idea that you cannot get into a serious relationship until you learn how to date only women. So what does ofc mean? Of course, the shortened form of this word is what it refers to: the act of not following an agreement what does ofc mean. There are other types of abbreviations that you’ll come across when texting, but I’ll just mention some of them for the sake of discussion.

For example, you’ll come across the abbreviated DOTF which means “to do something” and the shortened DOTM which means “to meet someone.” If you’re a man who is trying to impress a girl with your wit, you might want to use the more formal version of the acronyms DOTF and DOTM. However, if you’re a woman and you’d like to make a strong impression on a man by being sassy, you should use the version of the acronym that refers to “not meeting someone.” As long as it still makes sense in your conversations, I think you should use all abbreviations in a non-conversational context so as not to lose your meaning.

In addition, you should remember that most abbreviations have two parts – the main body of the text and the part that follows it In conclusion, what does ofc generally means in this example is “a quote or a direct quote.” This type of abbreviation is commonly used in many forms of communication, and is even found in popular culture. Most often, it is used by people who are conversationalists or stand up comedians. However, there are some instances where it is used by politicians and businessmen when referring to their work. These are just a few examples that prove the versatility of this popular slang ofc how many ounces in a pint.. They are pronounced the same way (depending on what kind of accent you have) and they’re pronounced as part of the same word. When you type the abbreviated words, you should type them one at a time, making sure that you know what the abbreviated word is before you say it. You don’t want to type something like “you hit me” or “you’re so dumb” when what you really meant is “you’re so ugly.”

The reason why texting is such an effective communication method is because short conversations go a lot faster than long ones. It also allows you to get into a real conversation with somebody without the need to use a long introduction or fillers. This is why knowing how to use ofc and other abbreviations correctly is vital if you want to sound and appear like a professional.

One other thing you can do is make sure to have some handy sources of abbreviations at your disposal. For example, I tend to bring along a copy of the dictionary whenever I leave the house. It’s great for finding unfamiliar words that can be used as acronyms of common everyday words. This way, if I’m ever stopped in a store or during a conversation, I’ll be ready to hit the keys on my QWERTY keyboard and quickly consult the dictionary to translate whatever it is that they’re saying.

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