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Many folks are looking at the recession and noticing that so many stocks are undervalued, in that the companies are trading at historically low multiples. Before the market crashed US stocks were trading at around 16-17 time earnings, at the bottom many เว็บพนัน were below 5-7 times earnings, meaning they were good buys for long term plays. Still, investors, or let me call y’all gamblers were buying at the top and did not buy at the bottom. A good stock investor would buy low, sell high; not the other way around.Top 10 Pros of Gambling - The World Financial Review

Some Chinese stocks at the top of the market were trading at 77 times earnings, similar to the computer stocks at the top of the Silicon Valley bubble. You see, everyone thinks they are a genius in a bull market, as everything is going up and you cannot go wrong. Anything you pick will go up, well almost anything, so it does not take a rocket scientist, you just need a dart board, label the squares with stock symbols and start shooting darts, each pick is good!

But let me ask you a question; “Are You Investing in Stocks or Gambling with Your future?” There is a big difference. It looks like the bear market run, turned bull market in March – April of 2009, will have a bit of a pull back and dip. So if and when it does, you need to get into the market at the bottom and then enjoy a long-term play and just let the bull run, because if you keep playing stocks, you’ll never get the big break you need to get your money back. See that point?

Your selections must be backed up with a staking plan. It’s no good having random amounts on every bet, don’t use fancy staking plans and never chase losses. There is no staking plan which will turn a losing strategy into a winning one, don’t waste time looking for one or experimenting with one. It’s a road I’ve been down in the past with disastrous consequences, a road I took despite knowing in my heart it was wrong, nowadays I look on it as part of the learning curve. It might be boring but I would say level staking, one point per selection (one point representing 3% of your betting bank) is the best way to stake, adjusting the point value accordingly as the bank increases or decreases on a monthly basis. Your betting bank is to be protected at all times, and if you go bankrupt using this method then I’d give up to be honest.

4. Spreading the stake

Just as your betting bank is to be protected, your stake is to be protected also. Think of the dangers to your selection, no selection is full proof, can they be backed at decent odds also? I’d advocate any method of protecting my stake when betting, be that dutching, laying off in running etc. Most times it isn’t possible, but if the opportunity arises where you can make multiple selections on an event and still make a decent profit then take that chance. Golf and tennis are particular sports where a couple of each-way bets can both pay off or by backing several horses ante-post.

5. Expectations

Have low profit expectations on every event, fancy multiples or forecasts are not the way to win long term, you may get the odd decent result and pay out but long term these are poor bets. Keep chipping away and grow your bank slowly. Be realistic in what you’re trying to achieve, have a goal you want the bank to reach. As I said earlier being a professional gambler is not something I’m trying to achieve so my expectations are accordingly set.

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