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Worm farms create soil amendments or soil enrichments for gardens or for plants. This is a method of composting food in places where there is a lack what does tofu taste like of space such as apartments, hotels and condominiums. Worm farms are potted soil, soil placed in boxes, or cement containers used to raise worms.

How to get started

Worm farms may be in a plastic or wood container. They are measured in height, depth and width according to their suitability and usefulness. If the farm is kept inside the house, it must not be air tight but should be kept in the dark because worms prefer dark environments. When using clear containers, they must be properly wrapped so light will not enter. The containers must be stored in a dark place and must be away from vibrations. The worms will not stay in the containers if they are near sources of vibrations.

What worm to use

Worm farms are better when you use red worms or also called red wrigglers or manure worms. Red worms are good worms for worm farms. Night crawlers and earth worms are not good for worm farms. The advantage of selecting red worms is that they usually multiply and reproduce often and they get along well by eating peoples table scraps.

Bedding materials

Worm farms bedding should be made of shredded and moistened newspaper. You should use the black white pages and not the colored ones because of the differences in ink, though where I live, currently the newspapers all use soy based inks for both color and black and white printing, so it may be worth a quick call to your newspaper company to verify if ink color will be an issue for your farm. Put a layer of soil and 2 or 3 crushed egg shells on the bedding. Keep the bedding damp but do not put too much water because it will kill the worms.

Farms are most successful when they are maintained in a balanced environment. You should feed the worms with fruits and vegetable scraps. Do not feed the worms with acidic fruits or vegetables like citric fruits. Meat is also not a recommended food source. Meat, dairy or poultry products should not be fed to worms because they create odors and may attract unwanted insects like house flies. Worms usually eat food equivalent to half of their body weight per day. So a pound of worms will eat about a half a pound of table scraps or waste products per day. These farms fare well at room temperature. They are best between +40 and +85 degrees Fahrenheit.

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