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Have you ever dream to own luxury goods? In economics, luxury goods, such as a Cartier wristwatch, are goods in contrast to a “necessary goods”. To most people, it means a demand which is not related to income. Sometimes, owning luxury goods may be a dream forever. However, today, we still can find some people cut their costs and save money for luxury goods. We had an investigation and came to a conclusion that neither would luxuries become necessities nor would they disappear.

On one answer sheet, it said that, sometimes people treat luxury goods as status symbols. Take the Cartier wristwatch for instance. If people just want to have a timepiece to tell time, there is no need to buy a Cartier wristwatch. If you wear the Cartier wristwatch, for example, the “Santos”, it means much more than that you are wearing a watch MONTBLANC NJ. “Santos” was the wristwatch that Louis Cartier designed for his good friend, the famous Brazilian aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont. It was the first wristwatch for men. Cartier designed this watch to solve the problem that the traditional pocket watch was inconvenience during the flight. This design makes it more than a wristwatch. The watch holds the care of a friend, the remark of the first wristwatch. All these meanings are given by Cartier. People will focus on the brand, which is Cartier, instead of the watch itself. It signifies the purchasing power and the taste of people, which are closely connected with status symbols.

Another answer sheet said that it is a waste for people who purchase luxuries just to show off. Some office ladies chase after luxuries with their salaries less than $1000. There is totally no need for them to do this. Luxuries are prepared only for those who really need them and also those who really afford to buy them. The jewelries of Cartier are charming. To attend a display of jewelries of Cartier or attend a party with all the movie stars wearing jewelries of Cartier [http://www.cartierlovejewelry.com/], it is definitely an enjoyment of beauty. We may not chase after luxury blindly; we must consider the reality first.

Cartier watches are considered among the most prestigious you can own! No matter which style you prefer, they are all well made and they are going to last for decades. They are considered collectibles and family heirlooms too. They never lose their value, and many of them actually increase in value as time goes by.


The money spent on any of the great Cartier watches is an investment. You will have a timepiece to wear to keep track of time and be where you need to be as scheduled. With the busy lifestyle that most people have, being as efficient as possible is important. Such a watch can be a sign of status and accomplishment too. People will be impressed by that accessory you wear.

Business Status

The impression you make when it comes to promoting your business and career path is very important. People are looking at how you are dressed, how you speak, and how you carry yourself. When they see Cartier watches on the wrist of a potential business entity, it sends a message that this is someone who has done well for themselves.

This can further give them the impression it is a good idea to do business with that individual. The mindset is there is no way they would be able to wear a watch like that if they weren’t great at what they do and how they do it. They wouldn’t have the income from that career to be able to spend funds on such a timepiece.

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