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Many Tribes wear Wooden Jewellery and Gemstone Jewellery and it is not just about looking good, it is about the symbolism and is often associated with health and wealth and status. Our health and wellbeing are very much about the physical and the emotional, many culture’s have noted this link between mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing for a very long time.HSJ Jewellers

In Indian medicine, Ayurveda, the Doctor treats a patient dependent on what type of person they are related to one of the five elements of Earth, Water Fire Air and Ether buy gold in dubai. Thus, body, mind, and spirit/consciousness need to be addressed both individually and in unison for health to ensue. Whilst associated mainly with Indian medicine many other cultures have similar beliefs and practices. Most tribes wear their Tribal Jewellery to identify themselves, to show rank and to maintain spiritual health.

Does this hokum work, well I watched a recent television show which took three subjects and put them on a course of Ayurveda treatment/medicine, I am not going into the detail here, but Yes it worked and all felt the benefits particularly the subject who was stressed and depressed.

To ensure our wellbeing we must look and feel good about ourselves and we have all been told this for so long now indeed most of us will accept the premise that when we feel good and look good we have a confident glow of happiness and wellbeing.

Now at the moment there is a massive surge in companies offering to buy your jewellery to melt it down and provide you with some cash. I am not going to get into the argument about the value of the cash offered in return for you jewellery however unless personal circumstance really requires this I would suggest you could get more benefit from putting the jewellery on and giving your spirits a lift by looking and feeling good.

In an advert on TV we see superstar actress and Model Charlize Theron stripping off as she walks away, now they are not advertising stripping or jewellery, but they are trying to show Ms Theron as being confident happy and glowing, and they for the most part do, but to help achieve this Ms Theron still wears her Jewellery, why because there is no doubt it will help her to feel good and look good, despite the difficulty of being naked in front of the cameras and multitude of people required to make the advert.

We have all seen the extravagant outfits celebrities wear on the red carpet as they try to impress and self promote to help land the next big role, but have you noticed how they all have on their jewellery even in some cases where it is quite simple and sophisticated beaded jewellery or wooden jewellery rather than large and overpowering diamonds.

All the top screen goddesses have been seen in highly provocative poses on and off-screen but few if any are seen without their gemstones. Who can forget Marilyn Munroe telling us all in the most provocative style that Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend, perhaps it should have been Jewellery, beaded jewellery, wooden jewellery, gemstone jewellery all are a Girl’s best friend.

Just what is a wooden jewellery box? It goes without saying that a wooden jewellery box is designed to safely house your precious jewellery. Some jewellery can be priceless, and some jewellery can be kept in exquisite wooden jewellery boxes that are worth more than the jewellery itself.

Would Queen Marie Antoinette have been happy to keep her crown jewels and the le bleu de France (the famous French Blue diamond) on her bedside cabinet? Or even in a bedside drawer? No. Absolutely not! She had a special place for these beloved items in her famously extravagant and beautiful jewel cabinets. These both were huge pieces of furniture in themselves. They were crafted and designed by skilled hands and given to her as a gift from the people of Paris during the 1700’s. They are now on display at Windsor Castle and Versailles, and are probably now worth much more than the jewels it once housed.

Queen Marie Antoinette had an extremely high standard during her day in the 1700’s, and expected nothing but the best for her jewellery. Anything less just wouldn’t have been acceptable in her world of luxury, taste and artistic sophistication. Years later it was the Industrial Revolution that initiated the concept of the mass production of jewellery boxes at a low cost. This enabled women all over, no matter what class, to own an item of such exquisite craftmanship. No longer were delicate and beautiful designs available only to the higher class. They were now available world wide, and, centuries later, they are still going strong and in high demand.

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