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Playing games in spare time is a fun thing. Especially if the game being played has an exciting story and interesting gameplay. It’s not just being played, even today many people are turning gaming into a promising profession. Playing games alone can also create an addictive effect and we must consider that game addiction makes mental disorder for the players.

Game addiction can occur when a player who plays the game continuously and loses, not infrequently many people who experience defeat in playing games become temperamental.

The term game addiction makes mental disorder has no effect for those who are already proplayers, because they can be said to have mastered the games they play judi domino 99. And not a few of them have participated in various prestigious tournaments.

The number of game enthusiasts circulating around the world that can be found on various social media platforms, makes gaming developers to create the best games that are popular and played by many people. But it turns out that there are many studies that prove that game addiction makes mental disorder.

This can be proven by several researchers who express their opinion that regardless of a child playing games whether on consoles, portable games, laptops, smartphones, or laptops if done too often can make their growth and development bad. There are several games that are in great demand at this time including PUBG, Mobile Legend, and many more.

The effect of game addiction that causes mental disorders is characterized by when the child is no longer able to control his desire to play games. So that the child wants to play the game continuously.

Even the WHO plans to include mental disorders due to games as one of the new categories of mental disorders that cannot be underestimated and must be considered. This is because the increase in cases that occur due to the effects of addiction can create mental disorders throughout the world.


It is important for parents to be able to make their child stop the effects of game addiction, this is because the role of parents is very important compared to the role of external or other closest people. Parents must be able to put limits on children in playing games in order to avoid bad things that will happen to the child.

In addition to the effects of games making mental disorders for the players, games also cause health problems, decreased academic achievement at school, withdraw from social life, and behave aggressively.

In research conducted by experts at Oxford University, England, experts argue that a good time for children to play games is no more than 1 hour. And experts also ask parents to limit the time their children use electronic devices.

Then The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that in order to prevent the effects of game addiction, they suggest that children should not play games for more than one hour each day.

It is clear that game addiction makes mental disorder for children. There are many ways to stop children from being attached to games, including not to be provoked by their child’s whining, sterilizing children’s rooms from electronics, and finding other interesting activities for children.

In addition to games, one of the types of games that cause mental disorders is gambling. Gambling whether offline gambling or online gambling definitely brings mental disorders. Especially nowadays, types of gambling such as soccer gambling, domino 99 gambling, card gambling, all of which can be played easily by anyone, including children. That is why parents must be aware of all these things.

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