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Our society today is more health conscious and aware and of the importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle. More and more people are taking up a sport or going to the gym. This means that there is a growing demand for sportswear. In fact, studies show that the sports apparel industry grows 5% every year. By selling wholesale sportswear, you will be able to get a share of this profitable market segment of the clothing industry.A Strong Athletic, Women Sprinter, Running Wearing in the Sportswear,  Fitness and Sport Motivation. Runner Concept with Stock Photo - Image of  lifestyle, muscular: 117616476

There are many kinds of sportswear Wholesale Sweaters. Outdoor sportswear is used for climbing, hiking and adventure over mountains or across jungles, streams and deserts. Indoor fitness wear is usually worn in gyms. Other sports apparel includes swimwear, ball wear and specialized martial arts apparel for taekwondo, judo, karate, etc.

Sportswear must fit well and provide freedom of movement during competition. The material used must be comfortable and sweat absorbent. Ideally, the material should not hold sweat but should wick it away from the body. It should dry quickly and must be light and cool especially in summer. Needless to say, sportswear must be durable and of good quality. It should be built to last.

Sportswear includes shorts, jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jogging pants, hoodies and track suits. When you sell sports apparel, you must also have shoes, socks, gym bags, headbands and sweatbands available. Aside from regular sizes, you must also have plus sizes for people who go into sports in order to lose excess weight.

Most people buy brand name sportswear such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok or Fubu. This is because they want to be assured of the high quality of the sports apparel they buy. However, there are also many non-brand name products that are of high quality yet they are sold at a much lower price.Look for wholesale suppliers who can provide quality sportswear at discounted prices. Wholesale sportswear can be obtained at prices 70% lower than the retail price. You can use Salehoo to find suppliers of sportswear for you to sell at wholesale prices. SaleHoo’s online directory will easily lead you to reliable suppliers of cheap wholesale sportswear that are in great demand today.

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